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Care360 Modules - Contact Tracing

In order to maximize workplace safety, Care360 offers wearable IDs to generate an accurate direct exposure list based on official CDC guidance in the event of a positive case.

1) Wearable ID Badges - Wearables that use low frequently bluetooth signal to track proximity, but cannot track location.

2) Direct contact listAfter an employee tests positive, this list is populated by individuals who were exposed within 6 feet of the positive employee for greater than 15 minutes within the last 24 hours.

3) Contact Tracing through the Dashboard - Admins can access this information on the employer dashboard, which provides the capability to both visualize and download the data.

4) Customizable Notifications - Care360 automates customizable notifications to the direct contact list, which allows exposed employees to act quickly upon testing and quarantining requirements. This significantly reduces the window of infection and thus the rate of transmission.

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