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Care360 Admin Roles

Care360 Admin Roles

IMPORTANT: CareValidate provides a diverse menu of Admin Roles on the Care360 platform to meet our customer’s needs as outlined below. Customers are responsible for reviewing each Admin Role, the access it provides and assigning those roles to its employees according to the Customer’s policies, contracts, communications and representations and all applicable laws and regulations. CareValidate does not and cannot provide legal advice. Customers are encouraged to engage the appropriate members of their organization, i.e. HR, legal, data privacy and security, etc. to address the review, assignment and use of its staff's Admin Roles on Care360. 

CV_Admin - CareValidate Support and Implementations Specialists
Admin- Can access all features of the Care360 Dashboard for your organization.
Security- Can manage most features of the Care360 Dashboard, but does not have access to reset Passports or View Test Results or Test Documents. 
Member- Dashboard access and limited admin functions.

Validator - Role used to validate test results and vaccination proof documents.

Employee - Base level user of Care360/Care685, can only access their own information.

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