November 10th, 2022

Modified on Mon, 14 Nov 2022 at 06:25 PM

**note for mobile releases, they may be released on the date noted, but still need to go through the app

store vetting process which can take up to 3 days



User Feedback Link

You will now see a “User Feedback” button on the web app

This feature gives Users the chance to comment on and rate the web app's various features. A

button will be available on every page of the app that, when clicked, gives the user a pop-up

window with a comment section and a rating section. From there, the user can select any of the

features available for feedback using a dropdown menu. When feedback is submitted for a feature,

it is recorded in our database, and further analyzed by the CareValidate team with the purpose of

continuous quality improvement.

The features available for feedback include the following:

· User's My Care360 page

· User's passport

· Daily Screening

· Edit Contact Details

· Report an Incident

· Report Test Result

· Case Notes

· Add Immunization Record

· Overall Application

Improvements to Rich Text Editor

The Rich Text Editor (RTE) has been improved to allow to more customization to notifications

In the “Preferences” > 'Notifications” > “Message Templates” admins can now find these additional


- HTML headings (h1 - h6);

- Ability to add hyperlinks

Validate User Email Addresses

Only valid email addresses will be accepted

When adding or changing an email address for a user, the email address will only be accepted if it

is a valid email. To enable this feature, admins can go to “Preferences” > “Manage Settings” > “New

User Settings” > “Validate email when adding or updating employee”

If the entered email does not exist, an error message will appear and the changes will not be saved

Added the CareValidate E-commerce Store Link

CareValidate has an online store! Here you will find the various goods/services that we provide to

our customers.

We have integrated a CareValidate Store into our platform under a new page link named “Online

Store”. This feature allows products in the CareValidate Shopify store to be displayed directly in the

web app. Products bought from this store will be billed directly to the user, not the company.

Products currently available include:

· ADA Accommodation Request Collection, Verification and Review

· Care360 Integrated Rapid Molecular At-Home COVID-19 Test

· Long-Covid Accommodation Request Collection, Verification and Review

Add Tooltips to User and Passport Preferences

Now, if you hover your mouse over various sections, “tool tips” and explanations of the setting will


At present, this feature works for items under the “Preferences” > ”General” as well as “User and

Passport” sections. A brief explanation of the setting will be displayed as the admin hovers over the


Vaccination Module

Custom Text for Non-Vaccinated Users

Companies can now create a custom message for users who declare that they are not vaccinated

Company admins can create a custom message by going to “Preferences” > “Vaccination” >

"Message For Users Who Won't Get Vaccinated"

Note: “Allow Users To Not Get Vaccinated” setting must be enabled

Once a user has declared that they will not get vaccinated, the message will appear

Customizable Vaccine Validation / Rejection Email

This new feature allows admins to create customizable vaccine validation and rejection emails.

This change adds two new message templates, one for notification of a user's validated vaccine

dose, and one for a rejected dose.

This setting can be found in  “Preferences” > “Notifications” > "Enable vaccine validation email"

Once the setting is enabled, the custom notification message can be set in the 'Message Templates

section by selecting "Vaccine Validation Notification" and "Vaccine Rejection Notification from the

dropdown menu new templates".

Once a user's vaccine dose(s) is/are validated or rejected, they will receive the custom

validation/rejection message via email.

Mobile App

Android version 1.11.0 (286) and iOS version 1.11.0 (21) contain the following

features and improvements:

App Rename

The name of the mobile app has changed from Care685 to Care360

The mobile app has been Care685 in the past. With recent approval from the Apple Store, we are

able to change the name of our app to Care360 so that it now matches the web name.

User Feedback Link

Users can now share their feedback about the Care360 app

In the more menu, you will now see the option to  “Send Feedback”

All fields (emoji selection, screen selection and writing a comment) are mandatory when sending


The “Submit” button becomes active when one of the 3 emoji and screen name (Entire application

by default) are selected, and also some text is entered into the feedback text field.

Alternate Names for Locations

This feature was earlier released for the web and now is also available for the mobile apps

This feature needs to be enabled on the web Dashboard. Once the “Use Location Aliases”

company setting is enabled on the dashboard, company admins can assign “aliases” or alternate

names. For example Headquarters can have the alias “HQ”.

User’s passports will then display the alias rather than the full name. If there is no alias assigned to

a location, for those locations that don’t have aliases the full location name will be shown on the

passport and in the expanded list of locations.

* Note is the user selects multiple locations, all of the locations will appear on their passport

Improvements to Report an Incident Type

We have improved the mobile version of the “Report an Incident” feature for symptoms and

exposure reporting (this was previously implemented for web)

Once enabled, a notification will be sent to the user who reported a symptom or exposure via their

preferred method of communication.

A company admin can also report an incident on behalf of a user (using the 'Report an Incident' link

on the user’s details page).

This notification can also be sent to specific Admins using the tag-based system- for example, if

the admin has an “Admin Tag” which matches the user’s tag, they will also see the notification that

was sent to the user.

Only one incident of the same type can be reported within 24 hour for a user.. If multiple attempts

to report a symptom or exposure take place in less than a 24 hour period, a message will be

displayed stating that this incident has been already recorded (this message template is


The message templates for notifications can be set in “Preferences” > “Notifications” > “Message

Templates” > "Exposure-Only Reporting Template" and “Symptoms Reply”

Removed “My CareBadge” Section

Previously, in the “More” menu, there was a section labeled “My CareBadge”. We have removed

this section, as the the badge ID number for the companies using this feature can be found in the

My Care360 ID screen.

Workplace Stress Assessment

We have added a new section in the “More” menu!

“Workplace Wellness Resources” can now be found in the “More” Menu. This section contains a

new Workplace Stress Assessment feature. Employees can take a Stress Assessment questionnaire

and evaluate their Workplace Stress level. More resources are to be added to this section in the


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