Vaccination Module Configuration

Modified on Thu, 18 Aug 2022 at 01:53 PM

The vaccination module is a helpful tool that assists organizations in data/record maintenance. Vaccination allows administrators to view user immunization status, and can require specific doses/booster counts to be considered "Up to Date." Users with different immunization status can be set to follow different requirements based on organization requirements. All information uploaded to Care360 (including vaccination records) is kept confidential and secure. Below are screenshots of the Vaccination settings page, found under Preferences>Vaccination as well as a brief explanation of what each setting is used for:

Self Attested (vaccine workflow) - the option for “validation” disappears. In the user profile page, the vaccine box will not show fully vaccinated to up to date (as it is not validated). 

Self Reported (vaccine workflow) - the option to require validation will appear in addition to the above settings listed for self attestation. 


  • Disable vaccination: Removes the vaccination module from admin / user view

  • Allow users to not get vaccinated: will allow users to input no vaccine status and still obtain green passport

  • Validate Immunization: All immunizations uploaded need to be validated by admin/CareValidate. They will remain in pending status until validated

  • Require Booster: if toggled on, users who are booster eligible will need to upload proof of vaccine to obtain green passport and be considered fully vaccinated. If it is not toggled on, booster is not required to be considered fully vaccinated.

Vaccination Status links:

  • Exemption link: user can submit Typeform requesting exemption for vaccine which then goes to legal for approval or denial

  • Not vaccinated Attestation: user can submit Typeform outlining why they are unvaccinated. Is not approved by legal 

Available Vaccines:

J & J, Moderna, and Pfizer are always enabled. Additional vaccines must be checked to be available in the testing dropdown. 

Vaccination Reminder:

An automated vaccine reminder will be sent out to unvaccinated users with a custom message on selected days.

Data Consent:

A plain text editor that will provide users a Data Consent form to accept before uploading vaccination information. This text is organization specific.

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